Cake Spots

Cake Spotting

Cake Page 350 x 165

A Cake Spot is light fixture that illuminates the cake and gives it a “glow”. With the proper cake spot your beautiful and expensive cake will be highlighted, making for remarkable pictures of the cake and your first cake cutting as a couple. A Cake Spot is very important especially when using Up-lighting. Simply because the overhead lights will be turned down to allow the up-lighting to give off its robust color, in turn leaving your cake in the dark as well as it taking on the color of your up-lighting. A Cake Spot will cut through that darkness and color and give your cake that much needed attention it needs. In the case of an outdoor event, it is especially important since there is no overhead lighting to begin with. As far as choosing the right light to do the job really depends on the room layout and venue and we will determine the proper way to light your cake. We offer a few solutions and will guide you in the right direction when it comes to putting your cake in the right light.

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