Centerpiece Lighting

Centerpiece Lighting

Centerpiece Page 350 x 165

As much attention and money that is rightfully placed on your table centerpieces, proper lighting is important to make them POP! While your guests enter the room or sit in their seats, it is important that they are seen and properly lit. Generally Pin Spotting will come after up-lighting, custom monograms and cake lighting and will provide an amazing look to floral balls atop vases, but what about the glass vase below or what if your centerpiece doesn’t include a floral ball, but is a Manzanita Tree with crystals of some other structure such a candelabra. Other options are needed to bring attention to those centerpieces and put them in the proper light. Tabletop candles do a wonderful job of providing a warm feeling to the table and I am not suggesting that you don’t use them, but beyond that characteristic, fall short of lighting your Centerpieces correctly.

Centerpiece Collage 780 x 210

We offer many options such as Battery powered LED Vase Lights that can be set to your any color that will give the vase a beautiful color or battery powered LED Votives with colored, decorated wraps that will give color and effect to your Manzanita Tree or special centerpiece that normal Pin Spotting and candles can’t achieve. You cannot deny the incredible impact that proper Centerpiece Lighting will make on the final design and it will definitely help create that WOW factor to your event.

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