Spectacular Chandeliers

Chandelier Collage

Chandeliers are timeless and come in many styles, colors and sizes. They create a grand feeling for your event and are a beautiful accent to the décor. Chandeliers can be used in many locations such as in tents, outdoors hung from trees, or added in ballrooms such as over the dance floor, over the cake or over the sweetheart table but, careful planning must be used in their installation for safety of guests and the visual aesthetics of hardware and power cables.

Chandelier Collage 780 x 210

We have many chandelier options and all of our crystal chandeliers are in fact crystal and NOT plastic. To keep them in perfect shape we remove all loose crystals for storage and shipment and reassemble them for each new installation. Also, what good is a chandelier if you can’t adjust the light intensity, which is why we always connect all of our Chandeliers to a dimmer to achieve that perfect light level. To see more Chandelier pictures, visit our Gallery page.

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