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Monogram’s or as they’re called, “Name in Lights” are projected with the use of a special, focus-able light fixture called a Leko and a small round disc called a Gobo. Monogram’s can be projected on a dance floor, a wall or any other surface that lends well to having a readable/viewable image. Gobo’s come in either a printed transparency (LED Light only), steel disc, or glass disc depending on the fixture used and whether you want just a black and white projection, a multi-color projection or a image-quality monogram and are placed inside the light fixture.

Monogram Collage

There are various light fixtures that can do the job but, Older theater style fixtures called Leko’s have been the best option when it comes to projecting Monogram’s especially from long distances. These fixtures have hi-powered bulbs (575 watts or 750 watt) with lens sizes that can be changed to allow the image size to be adjusted based on the throw distance and resulting image size needed and produce a sharp, bright image from long distances of 100′ or more. With these older Leko’s, because of the wattage of the bulb, produce a large amount of heat and require a stainless steel or glass gobo but, now with new LED versions of these lights, less expensive Gobo’s can be produced that can provide image-quality monogram projections without the high cost of glass Gobo’s.

Other “monogram” lights are available depending on specific needs but, typically are only adjustable by moving the fixture forward or backward and can be a problem if the fixture location creates an oversize image because there is nowhere else to place it. The other thing to keep in mind is that LED gobo fixtures have a shorter throw distance (up to 50’) to the surface it is being projected on because of lower wattage bulbs.

Our LED monogram fixtures are the newest in the market and have changeable and adjustable lens just like the older fixtures do and can now be used up to 100’ and ultimately save you money and give you better color options.

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