Market Lights

Market Lighting

Market Page 350 x 165

Market Lights, also known as String Lighting or Cafe Lights provide a warm and romantic feeling when done right. The Market Lights that we offer have a 2” round light bulb that are spaced every 12” apart and are hung by either using trees, building structures or by installing temporary poles to hang them from. Market Lighting can be used inside or out and are a great way to not only give that warm, romantic feeling but, also give off the perfect amount of usable light for your event. A big consideration when using Market Lights is to have the ability to dim them, which we provide so the level can be set to create that perfect mood which we think is very important!

Market Collage 780 x 210

A nice touch to Market Lights is to add Paper Lanterns or some other element such as umbrellas. It adds an additional decor element that will surely enhance the look!

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