Textured Lighting

Textured Lighting


Patterned or Textured Lighting works in the same as projecting a Custom Monogram, but is used to create depth, contrast and interest with various Gobo designs. The great thing about patterns is that there are many inexpensive ‘stock’ options to choose from but, custom patterns can be created to suit your event specifically if needed. A various number of fixtures are used such as hi-temp, hi-powered Older style pattern fixtures that need color gels and are set in a static color; to new low-temp, low-power RGB LED pattern fixtures that the color can be adjusted with the push of a button or with a lighting control board and; Moving Light fixtures that can change the Gobo, color and location of the patterns. We have all options depending on your need and desired results.

Pattern Collage

Patterned Lighting is usually projected on the floors, walls and ceilings of your venue, but also works wonderfully on any surface such as furniture, building faces or grass. Whether you are using patterns inside or out, they make a huge impact on the décor and beyond a doubt take the lighting décor to the next level.

Pattern Pictures


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