Pin Spots

Pin Spotting

Pin Page 350 x 165

A great way to achieve a subtle accent on small areas is through the use of Pin Spots. Pin Spotting is another technique employed in lighting design to highlight a very specific area, such as a centerpiece, wedding cake, floral arrangement, display, or a piece of art. These small lighting instruments are often able to be disguised so that they are not seen, but their effects are impossible to ignore. Pin Spotting is a delicate method of focusing your guests’ attention to smaller key areas without overpowering their visual senses.

Pin Collage 780 x 210

Pin Spots are typically small fixtures that produce very tight beam of lights that create a “glow” on the object being lit. Our newest Pin Spots have a magnetic mount and are battery powered which allows us to attach them to any metal surface such as a drop ceiling grids that are found in many venues or A/C grills found in all ceilings without the need for power cords and achieve a level of light that standard Pin Spots cannot. Our Pin Spots provide a soft edged, pinkish beam of light that can project 50’ or more and are the only company in Florida that offers these particular, fantastic little lights.

Pin Spot Pictures

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